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          Although I’m still working on a few things and need to add a few more entries to make it just perfect and to beef it up…….it’s killing me to not be using the new blog-Soooooooooooo…….   Drum roll please………………… Jen McKen’s New Photo Blog 🙂



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House Keeping….

               So you’ve probably heard me say it a few times…I’m working on a new blog!! I apologize for my lack in blogging lately, but I’m working on the new and improved jen mcken site. So stay tuned-I’ll be posting the link soon 🙂

               In the meantime-follow me on facebook. I officially have a fan page *click here* Come on over and say hi!

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Oscar & Dublin

                     Meet Oscar & Dublin…one is laid back and chill and the other…well, he’s still a puppy!

                      Ms. Craig is Mallory’s daycare teacher and Mallory just adores her.  Becky contacted me to do a few photos of her 3 favorites boys….Jeremy (the boy toy) and Oscar & Dublin (the dogs). You may recognize the surroundings a bit-it’s one of my favorite places to shoot 🙂 All three of the boys were so easy to work with…tee he he. Luckily, I had no problems at all..AND..I even got a few doggy kisses…don’t be a hater! LOL

                     So Becky as  promised…..waa laaa….your sneak peek! Enjoy!



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Festival Fun

            When I was younger, I waited allllllll summer for the festivals to come to town. This year, I couldn’t wait to take Miss Mallory  because I just KNEW she was going to love the rides, the food and the games. She’s at that age where everything is an adventure, she uses her imagination and she’s soooo animated. Needless to say, it makes for great photos. What can I say-she’s my daughter 🙂

             This is how we spent our evening…… enjoy!


………..Greggers and I 🙂


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Lil’ Thang!

                We  hunted for Swiper-the Fox, sang songs, we took turns taking each others pictures and she took me to the forest! I believe this is the second time I photographed little Paige-she’s grown up so much in only a year and she was so mature for her age-after all, she did just turn three! Autumn you have a beautiful daughter….and a cool mom too (Hi Alyson!!)  Tee he he!!

                Oh and PS: Hayyyyyyy! *snap snap*;)


…………..I’ll shoot you guys over an email when the rest are finished! 🙂


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Lil’Nose Biter….

                    Often times I walk away from a shoot with some new found friends…..this was the case the very first time I met these guys. Michelle and Adam are some of my repeat customers, I’ve taken photos of this itty bitty before so I just knew she was going to ham it up for the camera-I just can’t believe she’s going to be the BIG 2 in a few weeks. During the shoot, Dad was teasing her by pretending to bite her nose off…it sorta back fired. See photo below (You may need to click to see the larger version)—-Payback is a ……by the way Dad’s A-ok-bruised but OK! LOL


                   After laughing my butt of at that little mishap and wiping my eyes because I was literally laughing so hard I was crying, we got some pretty awesome shots. Here’s a few to hold you over until the rest are finished 🙂



……….. My FAVORITE!!


PS: I’m soo excited for Baby #2 🙂


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4th of July

             …..and how I see it.

             We spent a few days  at my parents camp up north. During the drive, I told myself I was going to try to capture as many photos that had red, white and blue in them or  screamed the Good’Ol Days-sort of like a photo mission. Photo missions make any drive go faster. 🙂 Greg and I took our time and stopped here and there to gather the photos and I think it is a very good representation of how I “see” things. I tend to be drawn to things that are old and have a story to tell. I’ve said it before, I’m young at heart but I feel like I have an old soul. They are in no particular order….there’s a little of this and a little of that….but I hope it takes you back to the Good’Ol Days!

              Enjoy! I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July 🙂

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